PHP Developer

Paper Plane, India , Mumbai

PHP Developer@ Paper Plane Solutions

What we need?

• We need an experienced web developer to join our team and extend our development boundaries
• You should have at least 3 years high-value experience developing dynamic websites and kick ass interactions
• We are looking for extraordinary talent, engineers who share similar values and who will feel comfortable joining our small family
• This is a full-time position with a competitive salary and a lot of fun.
• Please don’t apply if you are a recruiter, freelancer or unwilling to work in Aamchi Mumbai.
• URLs and self-written sample code strongly preferred

The Challenge/Excitement/Fun

• Are you the sort of guys that gets off writing high quality code, building great web products working with new technologies, functionality, and experiences with a consistent focus on quality, scalability and performance.
• Can you constantly improve production, code quality and delivery techniques?
• Are you a passionate individual who enjoys testing your skills while at the same time, seek to live a balanced and happy life?
• Are you confident of your programming fundamentals?
• Can you understand client requirements and create task flows based on those?
• Are you a wizard at commanding browsers to display information in a highly usable, informative fashion?
• Do people seek your advice when writing AJAX code, using jquery or other javascript libraries?
• Do you research and embrace newer technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Groovy/Grails and/or Python/Django or Open Source CMS?
• Can you take XML/JSON data and work miracles with it?
• Can you run a workshop on the pros and cons of using PHP and the various MVC frameworks?
• Are you tired of mediocrity and are eager to break free?

If your answers are predominantly “Yes”, it shows thatyou are a person who CAN-DO! You will thrive in the Paper Plane environment and we encourage you to read on!

Hands On Requirements:

• Deep roots in Object Oriented and MVC programming
• Backend - PHP/MySQL,CodeIgnitor
• Front End – Javascript, Ajax, JQuery
• Clean, Optimized Indented code
• Strong understanding of DOM, HTML CSS, semantic markup, and cross-browser issues
• Excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills
• Helpful to know LAMP, PHP, and/or MySQL
• Fearless ability to jump lower in the stack to solve important problems
• Expert ability to get things done!

Other Qualities:

• Ability to work in an environment of perfection and compliance to web standards and high design quality benchmarks
• Strong organizational and time management skills – know what you need to do, and DO IT!
• Quality and hygiene of code will be a strong consideration
• Demonstrable communication skills (written and verbal)
• Collaborative style

You deserve a few more brownies or happy hours if you are experienced in:

• Mobile Development.
• Experience with Open Source CMS Drupal, Wordpress, Cake, Zend.
• Third party API integration like FB, Twitter, Sound Cloud
• Experience with other Server Side technologies like JSP, asp.net etc.

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