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Gamma Entertainment, Canada , Montreal, Quebec

Company Description:
Gamma Entertainment is a company specialized in multimedia and e-commerce. We operate within 2 main activities: contextual advertising and entertainment products on the Internet. Gamma is a young and dynamic company with 150 employees, with plans for further expansion. Gamma offers a dynamic work environment, competitive salaries, RRSP possibilities, a complete collective insurance package, flexible schedule, paid training, free parking, active social club and much more!

We are looking for a PHP or HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Ajax gurus (or, a miracle of miracles, both!) that wants to work with a growing company that has decided to conquer the world since 1996. Does talking about the challenges of dealing 100k simultaneous users make you start sketching diagrams on nearby napkins? Do you think about coding in the shower? Can you look at a SQL query and point out where you might need a new composite index? Does the term "small database" means millions of rows to you? Do you take feedback well, and give it to others constructively? Tired of working for a boss who doesn't understand what you actually do for a living?

If you answered "yes" to at least a couple, come talk to us! We could list years of experience, but if you're smart and good, does it matter if you've been in the industry three months, three years or thirty years? It probably would help if you had at least 5 years PHP or HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Ajax, but honestly, we just want people who are passionate about what they do because we are passionate!

Competitive salary based on experience;
Full group-insurance coverage is offered with no charge to you, after three (3) months probation;
We offer flexible schedules, free parking, all you can drink coffee, very active social, paid training and so much more!

(The masculine form used in this text includes both men and women. It is used without discrimination for the sole purpose of brevity.)

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