Senior Web Developer

Gamma Entertainment, Canada , Montreal, Quebec

Company Description :
Media Traffic Agency specialize in innovative advertising delivery on the web using a ethical approach at each step : for adult website, with AdXpansion, or non-adult website with Media Traffic, the company wants to reach quality audiences and deliver targeted advertising that interests them.

- Media Traffic Agency ?
Yes, there are other advertising networks than the one with the double from the double 'o' giant !
Since its birth two years ago, Media Traffic Agency has more than quadruple its impression volume and served more than thousand of hundred clicks through its publishers.
With more than 500 000 000 (yes, millions !) of impression each day, Media Traffic Agency is now at a place where its software architecture and server must anticipate a gargantuan growth.
Our experimented web software development team is waiting to welcome you, make you grow and learn but also enrich itself from your experience, ideas and new ways to build and craft.
PHP, MySQL, Memcache, Hadoop, HipHop, node.js, Python, jQuery ?
If one or more than those word rings a bell, now is your chance to come and meet us.
If web software is your passion.
If making web software displayed and used by millions of users each day excite you.
If reaching more than a billion (1 000 000 000) hits a day with your code seems intriguing to you:
Answer this job offer right now and send your resume right away !

Developer by heart, invested with the reliability and performance of your code, you'll be :
• analyzing, writing and testing code that you take pride in
• communicate on a regular basis your progress with your team
• participate in pair programming, code review and activities to continuously improve yourself
• demonstrate in front of real users you team's successes
• share with a motivated, talented and autonomous team
• propose or even promote any team work and/or software development process improvement
...and all the other challenge of a growing company !
Under the direct supervision of the Software Development Director and guided by the Technical Lead, you will participate directly in the innovating project of a growing company with a technological environment to the edge and a friendly atmosphere.

• work experience with Test Driven Development (TDD)
• work experience with Zend Framework / PHP 5.3
• work experience with jQuery programming
• work experience with 'pull' or asynchronous software architectures
• some work experience with Lean Software Development practices
• some work experience of Agile / Scrum
• some work experience webservice (SOAP or REST) usage
• some work experience with complex modern software architecture (SOA, WOA, 3-tiered, autre...)
• Computer Science Baccalaureate or equivalent
• Full-time (preferred, but everything is negotiable with smart people :-))
• Growing company with many internal individual opportunities
• A place to apply creative thinking and initiative with an eager-to-learn team
• Modern and mastered work methodologies (Agile / XP), project management process (Scrum) and management technics
• Unique occasion to develop and work with edgy technologies for web software architecture and high-availability
• Serene work environment in a young and motivated team
• Competitive salary and benefits

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