Senior PHP Developer

ChinesePod.com, China , Shanghai

ChinesePod.com, the world's leading Chinese learning service is looking for a senior web developer to plan project development, architect, design database and write program code.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, computer science related background
3 to 5 years Web development experience
2+ years experience in large-scale web site development
Familiar with the use of PHP + MySQL +Apache for WEB development, object-oriented programming
Familiar with the MySQL database application, understand database optimization techniques, with relevant experience in application development and database capacity planning is preferred
Familiar with the Linux operating system and development environment, shell programming, Network management and network programming under Linux
Proficiency in the use of version control software, such as SVN, GIT, etc.
Proficiency in the use of multiple frameworks, such as Zend, Symfony, etc.
Proficient in Javascript programming, AJAX is preferred.
Leadership skills; team spirit, positive and enthusiastic and independent problem-solving abilities
Chinese skills strongly preferred

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