Lead Full Stack Developer, Director of Tech for Startup

JobHive, United states , Nevada , Las Vegas

Join Rick Muenyong (about.me/thinkrick), Kelly Schrag and the team as a key early stage hire to complete the launch of Rope Code to the world.

Rope Code is a new company, but is supported by a fully profitable operation and guided by Rick's 20 years of web development and domain expertise.

Consider yourself as close to Co-Founder as you can get, with resources already at your disposal to hit the ground running and up to a 25% equity stake with great terms.

Rope Code is seeking an entrepreneur minded individual to fill the role of Lead Full Stack Developer & Director of technology for this exciting new Las Vegas dot com startup. The concept was born in the Spring of 2014 and since has evolved into a one-of-a-kind web-site aiming to revolutionize nightlife worldwide, starting with Las Vegas.

Skills we're looking for:

Well rounded front-end/back-end development skills.
Ability to scale an internet business, website and operations
Exceptional communication and leadership skills
A love for nightlife
HTML, CSS, Javascript, and front-end framework mastery
Clear proficiency in PHP, MySQL, and infrastructure
Proficient in SEO/Social Media
Proficient in System Adminstration
Ability to efficiently manage and lead a team of 10 or more.


Minimum 4 years experience developing and maintaining websites and web applications.
Preference given to prior successful managers and leads of internet based companies.
Preferably lives in Las Vegas, or is open to relocation after time.
Trustworthy with clean records and clear conscience.


Oversee, develop, and manage the product pipeline for technical requirements and delivery while inculcating an agile environment.
Code. It simply comes with the territory.
Wear many hats and do what needs to be done. It's a startup, we all pitch in when we need to.
Participate in strategic marketing decisions.
"Dive-in" dedication is a must - this isn't a 9-5 job.

More About Rope Code:

​Rope Code was created to introduce transparency, comfort, and simplicity to Vegas nightlife. Las Vegas offers the world’s most luxurious nightlife establishments featuring renowned artists. Unfortunately for club goers without deep pockets or local hookups, the club life experience is mighty tricky and intimidating. Most would be surprised to know that clubs (and their reps) are actually struggling to fill their quotas and cover their overhead, even when perception would make most believe the opposite. Clubs rely on their hosts, promoters, and independent contractors to make the connections and acquire new foot traffic. The burden is on the people to locate the best possible hookup, which is impossible to know.

411 Guide to Vegas Nightlife

Who's playing when and where
Official club, host, artist profiles
Modern community forums

Transparent Eco-System
Designed to showcase the individuals who power nightlife backed by the reviews and endorsements of the people they serve.

Thanks for looking into Rope Code! We are amped to see your application and encourage you to introduce yourself via the video cover letters in JobHive (but not required unless we request one formally).

Please apply NOW at https://app.jobhive.com/#/job/54e5cdfa5a0000c85ae90c75

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