Senior Front End Web Developer

JobHive, United states , Nevada , Las Vegas

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As a Senior Front End Developer, your main responsibility is for the production, modification and maintenance of our web application’s user interfaces. This involves working closely with designers in using browser scripting (Javascript and ScalsJS), to turn designs into fully functional browser based applications. You’ll also work closely with server-side developers to implement their server-side code in order to develop complex, interactive and database driven experiences.

We are seeking highly intuitive candidates with a passion for learning. Our team uses ScalaJS as a front end development language. While not a requirement to know ScalaJS, candidates will be expected to use their existing programming knowledge as a foundation and become proficient with ScalaJS.


- Production, modification, and maintenance of web application interfaces
- Use browser scripting including Javascript and ScalaJS to turn designs into fully functional applications
- Work with server side developers to integrate front end projects with data and events
- Stay user focused, developing for exceptional user experience at all times
- Maintain a high awareness of industry issues and trends, particularly in regard to accessibility, usability, and emerging technologies, and keep team members informed as appropriate.


- Mastery of JavaScript, HTML and CSS development skills
- Cross-browser and cross-platform compatible solutions
-Knowledge of working with JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS to create rich interactive content
- Experience integrating with server-side code via APIs and AJAX to produce dynamic pages
- Experience working with version control systems such as git
- Experience as a member of a development team
- Contributor to documentation (instructional, pitch and technical specification)
- Contributor to the company development standards and templates.
- Ability to provide accurate timing estimates on work
- Excitement about emerging web technologies
- A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical and moral standards

$75,000 - $115,000

Click the link to apply: https://beta.jobhive.com/listing/53d1067d2c0000d07d17a34f

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